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November, 2016                                                              


Here are the articles of membership for the 2017 year.  Please read for full understanding and how to apply for 2017 HHARC membership.




Section 1.  Eligibility. Annual Membership to Heartland Hams is open to any person who has an interest in amateur radio communications, regardless of gender, race, or religious preference.  While anyone may be a member of the organization, only those members holding a valid Amateur Radio Operators License issued by the U. S. Federal Communications Commission shall be eligible to vote in any elections held by the Board of Directors of this organization.

Section 2. Application for Membership Annual Membership Card. Individuals wishing to become members of the Heartland Hams organization shall complete an Application for Membership and submit the same to the Secretary of the organization.  The Secretary shall then issue a membership card to the member which indicates that they are a member of Heartland Hams. A new annual membership card will be given to each member upon payment of the annual dues. Information requested on the application shall consist of the applicants legal name, current address, home telephone number, cell phone number,  E-mail address and Amateur call sign, if applicable. The Board of Directors may reject an application for membership or rescind the membership of an individual when such action is in the best interest of Heartland Hams, Incorporated.

Section 3.  Term of Membership. The term of membership shall be annual starting January 1 of each year and ending December 31 of that year.  By December 1 of each year, the Secretary will notify each member concerning renewal of their membership and payment of dues.

Section 4.  Membership Dues. Starting on January 1, 2015 each individual wishing to be a member of Heartland Hams will pay annual dues of $5.00 payable to the Secretary.  At the time dues are paid, the Secretary will verify and update each members information which was submitted on the membership application.   Dues will be turned over to the Treasurer who will deposit them in the Heartland Hams, Inc. bank account.  Annual dues are payable on or before January 1 of each year.

Section 5.  Funding. Heartland Hams Inc. will provide funds necessary to notify membership, collect dues and issue membership cards described in this Article.

Section 6.  Membership List. The Secretary shall maintain an accurate list of paid members and make it available to each member upon request.  The membership list will also be made available in the Members Section of the Heartland Hams webpage.

Since there is no official list of members to notify, this E-mail is being sent to all hams on our current list, advising of the need to submit an application form 2015 membership and how to submit the application and pay their dues.



1. Complete a membership application.  Since this is a new process, we need to update our current member information to be sure it is accurate.  In the future, the Board hopes to provide members with their information which they will only need to verify rather than filling our another application.  A copy of the application is attached to this E-mail as a editable field PDF form.  Copies may also be obtained from club secretary, Chris Skinner or any Board member or downloadable from .  Applications will be available at club functions as well and on the Club website  heartlandhams.org.

2. Submit your application along with the $5.00 dues to the Club Secretary, Chris Skinner or to any Board Member.

3. Upon receipt of the application and dues, the secretary will issue each paid member with an a membership card.



Please contact Chris at (402) 618-7742 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




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