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Forground Robert Snyder KC0MUX, Left Back Chris Skinner KD0IVV and Right Back Bill Pugsley W0ZWV.

July 1, 2014

 Contact Person: Bill Pugsley, President

For more than eight decades, licensed amateur radio operators have provided emergency communications during times of disaster. In many cases, the usual day to day communications (including cell phone service) are rendered useless. Often the “hams” as they are known, operate under the most difficult conditions with minimal supplies and comforts provided. Most amateur radio organizations spend large amounts of time providing communication services to local organizations for many events as well as supporting local government to assure that communications are maintained.

Saturday, June 28, members of the Heartland Hams Radio Club from the Glenwood and SW Iowa area participated in the Annual National Amateur Radio Field Day. Field Day is an event in which local amateur radio groups set up emergency radio equipment as they would in a disaster situation. The purpose is to practice and test their communications skills under adverse emergency conditions. The group then attempts to contact as many other field day groups across the U.S. as possible. In addition, they also attempt to contact foreign countries. Eight members of the local club traveled to Pierce Creek Recreational Area North of Shenandoah where they set up four stations. Each station was assigned a particular operating frequency to avoid interfering with each other. In addition, one station operated using digital transmission to practice skills in using the latest technology.


On Saturday, the Glenwood communications team made contact with fifty eight other radio clubs in the U.S. including Hawaii, as well as two clubs in Canada and four stations in other foreign countries.


The Glenwood group provides communications services for such activities as the Glenwood High School Cross Country Track meet, State Band competitions, Make-A-Wish Bike Ride, other bike rides and walks and RAGBRAI. Those folks who have an interest in becoming a ham radio operator are invited to attend the club’s monthly meeting which is held at the Mills Co.Training Center located in the Co. Engineers Building on South Railroad Ave. The meeting is held on the third Wednesday of the month and starts at 7:00 PM.

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